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Doll History

History of Cartoon Dolls

Palace Dolls

Today, there are all kinds of different cartoon dolls you'll find on the web.

Cartoon dolls were first made popular by the Palace chat program, where people created and wore Avatars to represent themselves in the chat rooms. Originally, people wore smilie face Avatars. Well, that quickly grew boring so people began to get creative. According to many of the doll artists who have been around for over 10 years, a doll artist named 'Innocents' created the first Palace cartoon doll Avatar. This type of doll, modeled after Barbie is now known as the 'Palace Prep doll''. Soon after, people began collecting and editing Innocent's Prep dolls, and the dollworld went crazy with enthuziasm.

The Palace dolls are constantly evolving and changing. If you visit some of the doll palaces, you'll notice that the 'Prep' doll Avatars are not worn so much these days (but are still collected like crazy for websites and signatures). You'll see a lot of small dolls in the Palaces, probably for practical reasons like the fact that they do not take up so much room on the screen.
The first smaller dolls were 'Minis', much like the Preps, only lots smaller. Wonderkins were also popular on Palace for a while (they look like little kids....lots of sig-makers use these dolls for this purpose). 'Silents' are tiny dolls that have remained popular for several years and are still worn by many palace members.

It seems that different styles of dolls are popular at different Palaces. At most palaces, you can find the dolls dressed in different styles to represent different personalities.There are 'Preps', 'Ravers', 'Punks', 'Thugs', & 'Goth', to name a few. You can find the link to many Palace Dollmakers on my Links page.

~What is the Palace?~

The Palace is a virtual chat program where you get to wear your own props (called 'Avatars') to represent yourself. They can be real photos of people...or dolls (like on the site) or just about anything else that represents you. The original Palace was called the Mansion. This Palace is up and running still...and now there are thousands of other Palaces of various themes and interest.

You have to have Palace software installed on your pc to be able to use and collect member avatars. It's free and doesnt take up too much room.
To get on link below:

The Palace


Original Dolls

Now there is a growing number of artists all over the web who create their own original cartoon dolls. Some dollmakers draw their own doll bodies, pixel by pixel. Other dollmakers use images of human models to make their dolls. You can see a sample of some of my favorite original doll artists here on this site. Keep in mind that the Original dolls are © to their creators and may not be taken off a website and used for making signatures. Many Doll websites will allow people to 'adopt' a doll from their site as long as the file remains un-edited, they are given credit as the original artist, and a link is posted to their website.

Signature Dolls

Many of the dolls you now see on the Signature forums and groups are not Palace dolls. In Summer 2002, artists like Manda and Onyx and Dora became bored with the small selection of the 10 or so Prep bodies which were available on the Dollmaker sites. Being adventurous, they started making their own doll bodies. That was the beginning of the doll evolution at Delphi from simple Palace dolls, to the more lifelike dolls you now see.

Many Signature Doll Artists have doll bodies they are willing to share with other Signature Artists or doll collectors. All they ask in return is that you give them the proper thank-you credit and link to thier website if you use their doll bodies for making signatures.


Candybar Dolls

CandybarTM dolls have been all the rage in 2004. These are beautifully detailed dolls, originally created by artists for use as avatars at a Korean game website. Below is an illustration of these larger dolls.

Candybar dolls are also the subject of much controversy in the doll collector realm of the world. Why? I have done a bit of research on this issue...and this is what I found out.

The problem is that the website is written in Korean, so many people do not understand that the site is not a dollmaker website, as many presume. Instead, it is a game website. The dolls are created to be used as avatars for their game. The gamers collect points and may purchase props, such as new hair, new shirts & clothes for their candybar dolls. These props have been taken by many admiring fans and distributed all over the web, even made into dollmakers. They are so widely distributed, that many unknowing doll collecters think they are free domain.

The consensus from the reasearch I have done concludes that the Candybar dolls are indeed copyrighted material, ©Candybar. They are not to be edited, or used as signature tags. If one is a Candybar collecter, the appropriate use of these dolls is to display the dolls un-edited on your website, posting full credit next to the dolls to ©Candybar, along with a direct link to

There is even a Doll Project known as 'the Vow' which has been formed regarding the misuse of Candybar dolls and other foreign dolls. For more information, visit the following link: The Vow



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